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Transform Your mornings and Accelerate Success

Yes, that is true! Working early in the morning can give you an advantage - it's a time when your mind is fresh and alert. You're more likely to have your best ideas and creative insights at this time than any other throughout the day. This makes it the perfect time for working on major projects that require lots of focus and attention.

Starting your day with a big project can also help you stay in “action” mode for the rest of the day. Having a successful morning sets you up to have a successful and productive day, which can help keep you motivated and on track.

At 2LifeHealth we also recognize that it isn't always easy to get engaged in or excited about major projects. That's why we encourage you to identify your highest-value activities for early morning work. We believe this is an essential part of setting yourself up for success!

But why those hours?...

These 3 hours are key to success and prosperity because they are ruled by the sun, signifying hope, optimism and energy. They are also the most important hours of the day to create a state of confidence and belief in yourself, that you CAN do the things you want in life.

Bringing projects to mind at sunrise can help set up a powerful mindset for the coming hours. The sun is believed to bring clarity and concentration during these 3 hours, allowing us to focus on what we are doing in a clear way and remain motivated.

At 2LifeHealth we believe that taking advantage of these magical 3 hours will help you bring prosperity to your lives and reach your goals faster and with more confidence than ever before.

Tell me more...

"Research confirms the brain, specifically the prefrontal cortex, is most active and readily creative immediately following sleep. Your subconscious mind has been loosely mind-wandering while you slept, making contextual and temporal connections". (Source: Psychologist Ron Friedman told Harvard Business Review.

Also, when it comes to productivity and achieving our goals, willpower and self-control are two key components. The timing of our efforts can have a significant impact on how successful we are. Specifically, studies have shown that our willpower and energy levels are strongest immediately following sleep. This means that if you want to make the most of your day, the best time to tackle those important tasks is during the first three hours of your day when your brain is most alert and your energy is at its peak.

Let's Wrap it Up...

If you looking for a way to boost your productivity, consider taking advantage of the magical 3 hours immediately following sleep. Research shows that this is the most creative time of day when our minds are most active and alert. Working on major projects in these early morning hours can help set up a powerful mindset for the rest of the day as well as give an extra boost of motivation and energy. So why not give it a try? Start tackling your biggest tasks first thing in the morning and move closer to achieving your goals!


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