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Good luck, Fortune, Wealth, Wisdom and Prosperity.

Elephants are considered to be very lucky in many cultures around the world, and as a result, sculptures and images of elephants are often used as decoration in homes and businesses.

Whether you choose the Large size or the Medium size, you can be sure that you will be inviting good luck and fortune into your home or office with this beautiful Elephant Sculpture.



Wealth, Health, Good Fortune, while fending off negative energy.

The tradition of using lucky coins dates back thousands of years and can be found in cultures all over the world. The coins are usually tied together with a red string, which is believed to amplify their power.

Whether or not you believe in their power, Lucky coins are so much more than just an lucky charm. They can be used as beautiful decorations for your home and office.



Good fortune, prosperity, power, long life and shields us from sickness and bad luck,

The 5 Element Pagoda is a special charm in Feng Shui, beautifully designed to balance and protect against negative energy. It represents the five elements: Metal, Water, Wood, Fire, and Earth.


This pagoda helps to shield us from sickness and bad luck that could be caused by certain negative influences. On top, there are Chinese symbols for good fortune, power, and long life. Inscriptions at the bottom are believed to strengthen its guarding power.


At the forefront of the pagoda's blessings is the promise of prosperity. The potent symbol "Fuk," prominently inscribed at the zenith, specifically invokes a bounty of wealth and abundance, aligning the flow of energy to invite greater financial stability and success.


Owners of this artifact often place it in their wealth or work areas, with the intent that its influence will catalyze the growth of personal assets and enhance opportunities for monetary gain. The essence of prosperity is magnified by the powerful synergy of the five elements, ensuring the Pagoda is not merely a shield against negativity but a potent magnet for affluence and abundance.

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