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The Amazing Benefits Of Coffee Scrubs!

There are plenty of ways to get caffeine, but it could be argued that coffee scrubs are becoming one of the best options. Coffee scrubs (also known as coffee body scrubs) offer caffeine in a way that's effective and easy to make at home. Below, we'll discuss why regular use of coffee scrub can help you achieve healthier skin.

The Chemistry of Coffee Scrubs

Coffee contains caffeine, which is an anti-inflammatory agent. It can help to reduce redness and swelling associated with acne. Caffeine also promotes collagen production, making your skin appear smoother and younger. There's a compound in coffee called kahweol palmitate that more or less travels through your body and collects in the layer of your skin. This compound stimulates the production of elastin, creating tighter skin.

Additionally, caffeine can help to tighten both large pores and fine lines. The coffee scrub also includes brown sugar or salt for exfoliation purposes, which helps you achieve smooth skin.

How Coffee Scrubs Work

When you combine all of the components, their benefits can be brought out. The caffeine stimulates blood flow to your skin, which increases cell turnover time and brightens your skin tone. Because coffee scrubs are not hot like some other forms of skin exfoliation (like glycolic acid peels), they won't strip away the top layers of your skin. A gentle scrub with coffee can help heal acne scars, unclog pores and tighten large pores.

Why Coffee Scrubs Work Better Than Other Exfoliators

Caffeine is one of the most potent stimulants for blood flow to your skin. Salt or brown sugar scrubs are great at exfoliating your skin without being too harsh. These two things combined have a better impact on your skin than any other scrub.

Coffee Scrubs in Your Daily Routine

There's no reason you couldn't add a coffee scrub to your daily routine, in the same way you might add a toner or cleanser. The key is to be consistent with your exfoliation. When you use it on a daily basis, coffee scrubs can help slow down the oxidative damage that comes from sun exposure and pollution.

The Controversy

Some people claim that caffeine can actually burn your skin if used too often or improperly. While there might be some truth to this idea, the brown sugar or salt in the scrub will actually help to soothe your skin. If you find that coffee scrubs are too harsh for your skin, use them every other day instead of every day.

There are plenty of reasons to try coffee scrubs, and they're pretty easy to make at home if you have brown sugar or coarse sea salt, oil and coffee grounds. Coffee scrubs are a great way to get the benefits of caffeine without having to drink it!

How to make coffee scrubs at home

With some coffee grounds, brown sugar or salt, oil and water, you can make your own scrub at home with relative ease. Here are the essential ingredients you'll need to get started:

- Coffee grounds - Brown sugar - Sea salt - Coconut oil - Water

Here is a recipe for homemade coffee scrubs:


- 5 tablespoons ground coffee

- 2 tablespoons brown sugar

- 1 tablespoon sea salt

- 3 tablespoons coconut oil


- Mix all ingredients in a bowl until you get desired consistency. The scrub should be coarse, but able to hold together when you rub it on your skin. It shouldn't be too oily or dry either.

- Apply to dry skin and rub in circular motions. It's best to focus on your trouble spots, like feet, ankles and knees.

- Let the scrub sit for about 5 minutes before you rinse it off with warm water.

Lastly, you should experiment with different ratios of ingredients until you find the combination that works best for your skin. You can even add in different oils, like olive or almond oil.

What do you think? Do you have any experience using coffee scrubs? Let us know in the comments below!


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