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Are you struggling with sleep? How to treat Insomnia naturally

Insomnia is a sleep disorder that is characterized by an inability to sleep. It can be caused by many factors such as stress or anxiety, medical conditions, or other mental disorders. For some people insomnia is more than an occasional problem and it can severely affect their quality of life. There are ways you can treat your insomnia naturally without any medications.


The first way to treat your insomnia naturally is to make sure that you are getting enough regular exercise. Regular exercise has been proven to help with sleeping problems and will need to be done at least twenty minutes per day for four days before the effects show up. The key with regular exercise is consistency.


Another strategy for treating insomnia naturally is to do some type of relaxing activity before bedtime. This could be a short meditation, a warm bath, reading a book, or anything else you enjoy doing. Make sure that your relaxation activity lasts no longer than thirty minutes to prevent falling asleep while performing it.

The idea behind meditation is to help you clear your mind of all the stressful thoughts that are keeping you awake at night. This will be more helpful for people with sleep anxiety or difficulty sleeping due to some type of stress. If your problem is caused by pain, then it may not be something you want to try.


The next way to treat your insomnia naturally is with aromatherapy. There are some wonderful scents that you can use to help you sleep better. The scent of lavender has been shown to have a calming effect on people and will help promote relaxation which in turn helps you fall asleep faster.

Sleep pillow sprays are a great way to get the aromatherapy benefits of lavender into your pillow and give you a better night's sleep. We find that lavender is the best scent for us, but choose whatever scent works best for you.

We recommend you using 2 Life Health Lavender Sleep Pillow Spray infused with Lavender Essential Oils Extract ideal for Insomnia Therapy. It has a relaxing lavender scent that helps you fall asleep quickly and easily. 100% Natural, safe to use, 100% Drug-Free, non-habit forming, and causes no morning grogginess. Please check us out at

Sleep Phase Adjustment

Sleep phase adjustment is a form of chronotherapy, which refers to the manipulation of an individual’s circadian rhythm to alleviate the symptoms of certain mental disorders such as insomnia. Basically, this means that if you were trying to go to sleep at 4am and couldn’t, you would try again at 6am and see if you could get any better results. This can be achieved by adjusting your cycle in increments of about one hour per day.

If it doesn't work after four days, move your sleep time back by two hours and try again. This method exposes patients to a slightly earlier bedtime each night until they have shifted their sleep phase enough to fall asleep with ease.

One of the most difficult aspects for insomniacs is getting up at the same time every day, which means waking up at an early hour can cause stress and anxiety. If you perform this technique correctly you will have no trouble getting up in the morning and will find that you are more alert throughout the day.


Lastly, you should also try to reduce your caffeine intake. Caffeine stimulates the body and will keep you awake for longer periods of time if consumed too close to bedtime. Try to limit your caffeine intake at least four hours before going to sleep.

Insomnia is a serious condition that can be difficult to live with over time, but there are many natural ways to treat it. You should always speak with your doctor before trying any over-the-counter remedies or remedies you find on the Internet.


Now that you know some of the ways you can treat your insomnia naturally, make sure to implement them into your life. Over time your sleep disorder should improve and you will be able to get a good night's rest without.

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