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Does Eating Chocolate Make You Happy?

The link between chocolate and happiness is hard to ignore. Who doesn't feel better after eating a piece of chocolate? While you may just chalk it up to the sweet taste or happy memories, science has proven that there's more to chocolate than meets the eye! Chocolate contains chemicals that both excite your brain and produce a sense of calm. But what exactly is going on in your body when you eat this delicious treat?

Chocolate is a type of candy that has been around for about 5,000 years and was first discovered by the Aztecs. Scientists say that chocolate contains chemicals that give people happy feelings. This can be found in the cocoa bean, which is the main ingredient in many types of chocolate. There are other ingredients, but it is the cocoa bean that has the chemicals.

When you eat a piece of chocolate, your body releases feel-good chemicals that give you a sense of euphoria similar to the feeling when you are happy or in love. While it may not be everyone's response, studies have shown that people who are depressed tend to crave sugary foods more often than those who are not depressed.

There are also some risks involved with chocolate if you have a low sugar diet as it can cause your blood sugar to rise sharply which has been linked to diabetes and heart disease.

The Science behind Chocolate and Happiness

Cocoa contains more than 300 chemical compounds including phenylethylamine (PEA) and Anandamide which are known as natural mood enhancers.

Scientists have found two chemicals in chocolate that they believe make people happy. The first chemical called anandamide is a neurotransmitter which sends signals to the brain and gives people a feeling of pleasure and happiness. This may be why some people crave chocolate when they are sad or upset.

The second chemical is phenylethylamine (PEA), which releases endorphins that can cause a euphoric feeling. Phenylethylamine enhances the production of Oxytocin in our body, which makes us feel bonded emotionally. This is also why we crave for chocolate during our time of distress or lonely moments because it enhances your good mood by triggering the release of these happy chemicals in large quantities.

Endorphins are chemicals that the brain releases when people eat foods high in salt, sugar, and fat. When these three types of food are eaten, it triggers the reward center in the brain which makes people feel happy. These chemicals are found in many types of food, but people may eat more chocolate than others.

Serotonin is another chemical that is released when you eat chocolate. This chemical is also responsible for regulating your mood, memory, sleep, and appetite. When we lack this chemical we crave food more and tend to eat high fat and carbohydrate foods such as chocolate and cakes, which boosts serotonin production again.

Theobromine, another chemical found in chocolate, has been linked to lower blood pressure! Coupled with its ability to increase the flow of oxygen throughout the body, it's easy to see why this magical food can put you in a great mood.

Lastly, if that wasn't enough reason for you to get out there and buy some chocolate right now (really- go do it), cocoa helps prevent tooth decay! So grab yourself some lip balm while you're at it.


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